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Campaign sees ‘Dyslexic Thinking’ become a LinkedIn skill

A campaign from Virgin’s founder Richard Branson has seen “Dyslexic Thinking” added as a new and valuable skill on LinkedIn in the last week.

The campaign, simply called “Dyslexic Thinking,” was run alongside charity Made by Dyslexia aimed to improve the understanding of neurodivergence. From our side we have constantly seen a stream of Dyslexic people and thinkers through our courses, and it is great to see this step forward.

Now all 815 million members of LinkedIn have the option to add “Dyslexic Thinking” to their profiles as a skill to be proud of.

In a statement Richard Branson said “I’m thrilled LinkedIn has added ‘Dyslexic Thinking’ to their recognized skills list. It’s significant because it recognises this unique way of thinking as a positive trait. Dyslexic thinking is a skill that can give you the edge at work: you’re likely to have strong problem-solving skills, a great imagination and creative, big-picture thinking. I’m proud to be a dyslexic thinker and redefining dyslexia as a skill gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams without barriers.”

We think this is a really great way to express the positives of dyslexia (historically understood only in terms of deficits) when in fact it can be empowering and transformative.

This shift is just part of the way that we evolve our inclusivity at work, and how we can more openly talk about cognitive diversity and the many people who are neurodiverse within the business world and LinkedIn.

7 April 2022