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Away message on LinkedIn

A recent new introduction on LinkedIn is the Away message (currently only available to premium members).

Like out of office messages on your email, the Away message on LinkedIn allows you to set a message that goes out automatically when a connection sends you a message via LinkedIn.

To set up the Away message:

Go to Messaging and select the … More icon at the top of your messaging inbox:

Then select the Set away message, switch the toggle to the right to turn on Away message (to the left if you want to turn it off once you’ve set it!), and fill in the details to confirm the dates you want the message to be automatically be sent and customise your message. Once you’ve done that click Save.

Your away message will be sent to the end of the day you have selected and will only be visible to your connections on direct messages and not on group chat.

Should you need to, you can edit the message via your messaging inbox – select edit away message, edit your message and save.

A great new feature and let’s hope it’s rolled out to all LinkedIn members soon.

4 November 2020