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Are you working for your own company on your LinkedIn profile? Time to check?

It’s surprising how many times we have looked at LinkedIn profiles (and we do look at a lot!) that show a person is working for the wrong company. This is usually not intentional and just because they have not selected the right company when adding it to their profile, it didn’t exist when they got their job there or they simply rushed past it.

If your experience section of your profile shows the wrong company logo, don’t panic! It’s easy to fix:

Click on your small profile picture (top right-hand side) and select View Profile.  Then go to the edit button on the experience section which looks like a pencil (see below):

Type the name of the company you work for in the company box and choose the correct company from the dropdown list by selecting the right company logo (Caution: If you work for a large company that has several company profiles on LinkedIn make sure you choose the correct one!).

If your company name does not appear in the drop-down list this means your company does not have a company profile, but you can still add the company name to your experience section, but it will not have a company logo next to it.

It is really important that you get this right as it makes your profile look better, but also makes the company look better as it has the right number of employees and also makes you easier to find via the company page too.

Making LinkedIn work isn’t a silver bullet, some automation or a robot, it is a series of simple things that you can do in under an hour a week and a good profile puts you 20% of the way there.

If you need some help on the rest, then get in touch or look at James’s profile for some ideas.

1 July 2019