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Are you ignoring clients on LinkedIn? Hello? Hello …

One of the most used bits of functionality on LinkedIn is the mad passion we all have for looking at who has looked at us on LinkedIn.

There are often a range of interesting and not so interesting people. Often we all get recruiters, the invisible ones (no matter how much you pay you will never find them out and we can all go invisible even in a free account) and the others that sometimes are plain random and sometimes make us go “oh wow” so and so looked at me.

And then we do … nothing.


What the !?@$%*!

They have looked at you! Not the other way around.

You do remember that LinkedIn is just like a room full of people at a networking event or mixer don’t you?

Well this person is staring at you, walking towards you and you .. do nothing .. in fact it is worse than that .. you turn around and walk away from them. Leaving them looking longingly at your profile, ready to talk, waiting to talk and waiting … and waiting.

If someone looks at you on LinkedIn there is a reason why! Engage with them, get introduced to them and just plain talk to them.



2 thoughts on “Are you ignoring clients on LinkedIn? Hello? Hello …

  1. Ashley Price

    A very good tip… but you can’t just “talk” to someone on LI. Unless you have a paid account, when you can use “Inmail”. Those, like me, using the free membership can only “connect” with them initially, and you don’t necessarily want to connect with everybody before you’ve talked with them.

    1. James Potter

      Dear Ashley,

      Apologies for the tardy response, for some reason this one slipped past me.

      There are other options than message, such as leveraging your own network, groups and more. It is just a case of thinking about the options and making the connection, without the paid options works just as well as the simpler paid options too.

      Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

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