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Are you curious about, like or love the new LinkedIn Reactions?

Around 10 days ago LinkedIn introduced and started to roll out the new LinkedIn Reactions (you might not have them yet as they are being rolled out gradually).

They say these are a “set of lightweight expressions that offer members a way to more easily participate in conversations and communicate with their network”, and a shortcut to express a view, reaction or perspective without actually typing a comment hence they come in a range :

The idea is that you will use them to respond to posts and articles in the way you would respond with the traditional “likes”, but these reactions give you the opportunity to express some emotion to what you are reading and seeing.

If you want to use them, all you have to do from a desktop is hover over the “like” icon on a post and choose the Reaction you want to use, and on a mobile simply tap and hold the “like” icon and they appear.

The reaction to Reactions has been ‘interesting’ with the most common being references to Facebook and LinkedIn not being Facebook!

When we’ve asked people, the reaction to Reactions has not been positive or even neutral, but quite negative as it negates from the business and conversational nature of LinkedIn.

In our opinion, you wouldn’t use a ‘like’ (which we wrote this blog about before) or an emoji in a business setting face to face with another business professional and hence it is a little weird they’re appearing on LinkedIn, which is after all a business networking site.

Would you meet somebody face to face and then heart, clap or like them? No, then why would you do this during a business interaction online? #weird

We will watch with interest and see how this unfolds but expect to see all the Facebook users on LinkedIn (who use it like Facebook) embrace it and the business users ‘react’.

8 May 2019