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Are 500+ connections really important?

In a word – no. Blog done!

Why do so many people get hung up about getting 500 connections? It simply doesn’t matter! It is not a status badge, it doesn’t get you a LinkedIn© star, it doesn’t make you any better or worse than anyone else. It simply says you say you know more than 500 people – but do you? Do you really know them.

If you think it is important just search for LION (LinkedIn© Open Networker) on LinkedIn© and you will find over XXX,XXX people that will be overjoyed to collect your details, broadly speaking they will do nothing for you, but if a list of 500+ connections makes you feel good then go for it! And don’t get me started on people that want to charge you to get you ‘connected’ with hundreds of people you don’t know – save your money and time.

For me I will stick to only connecting to people I have spoken with and know – that way I can help them and they help me.