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An update on how to share an update on LinkedIn.

Given the recent changes to the LinkedIn interface we thought it was time to update one of our popular blogs on how to share an update on LinkedIn.

Status updates are a great way of keeping in touch with your network, reminding them of what you do without being pushy, and keeping you in the forefront of their minds.

To share an update, article or photo from your desktop you need to go to your homepage and you will see this:

Click in the box above Write and article and Image and this screen will appear:

You can then write your status update in the box.  Anything you type into the box will appear to all of the people you are connected with at level one, i.e. the people you have invited to connect or vice versa for them to choose to read. As an example of what you could write here’s one I wrote earlier:

It is worth bearing in mind it automatically starts with your name so in my case “James Potter” so remember to start with “is” or something similar or it will look odd.

The good news is also if someone comments or “likes” your status update it gets shown to all their connections too! And all your connections can also see their comments so it starts a conversation and spreads the news.

Once you have finished writing you then just need to click Post and this is what it will look like:

If you’re connected to 500 people and you do a status message every working day for a month, you will have impressed your value and your message 10,000 times or more, assuming no one interacts, so if people comment or like it it goes to even more exponentially.

You can even to it from your mobile, just open up the app and hit the little box with the pen inside, often bottom or top right (or the speech bubble on older versions), and you are off.

To make it an even richer source of insight about you and what you’re up to you can also include photograph (if what you do is visual this is ideal), a URL / web link, a blog post or an interesting website.

So, if you want to keep in touch with your network, make them aware of what you are up to, the value and range of products, services and expertise you offer start talking to people using your status updates.

For more tips like this please check out the blog here but if you want to learn even more about making status updates work or to make LinkedIn work for you check out our courses or just get in touch.