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Activity up on LinkedIn

Way back in December LinkedIn quietly removed one of the smart users favourite features, the ability to see their connections activity. 

When LinkedIn first removed this feature in December, it caused issues because a user’s activity feed was the only place where other users could go to see all of their recent status updates, profile changes, posts to discussions, new connections etc. in one place. 

But it’s back and even better! Hooray!

LinkedIn is rolling out the ability to see the last four weeks of LinkedIn activity feeds for any other LinkedIn user.  Simply do the following from a level one connections LinkedIn profile page – select the pull down arrow next to endorse or InMail (if not a level one connection) as per below:

image 1 for blog about activity feed

This brings out a fold down menu where you can select the View Recent Activity option to see their latest status updates, likes, group activity and more. See the example below:

image 2 for blog about activity feed

LinkedIn didn’t give any reason why they reinstated viewing activity feeds from a browser (as you have always been able to see them on mobile apps), but I think it was a great decision to put this feature back – thanks LinkedIn!

Now you just need to do the right activities to engage, develop relationships and make your LinkedIn work for you. If you’re struggling just get in touch.