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A little bird told me you’re #failing @LinkedIn

It has been some weeks since the divorce between Twitter and LinkedIn, yet in some cases it would appear that the message of the separation has not got through.

Even today there are over 100,000 updates gone out using hashtags inside of LinkedIn, don’t they realise that it just makes them look less professional than they are in the flesh?

When you are managing your personal and company brands online it is essential you use the right language, the right style and the right message – so what does using hashtags and @’s in LinkedIn say about you? If we’re being nice it says that you use an aggregator like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Buffer and you’re using the same message down multiple channels (you’d never do that would you?) at worse that you’re not up to date and not professional.

So if you @makingLinkedIn work for you and don’t want to #FAIL then #STOPNOW or get yourself over to follow @thelinkedinman or get in touch to get some therapy or perhaps a course.


2 thoughts on “A little bird told me you’re #failing @LinkedIn

  1. Tim Krupa

    I do not miss the connection between Twitter and Linkedin. When it existed, I deplored the personal updates that populated my professional network, LinkedIn. Information that appears in LInkedIn should be of a professional nature designed to inform, inspire and generally build professional relationships. Other platforms are more suited for socializing on a more personal level.

    I somewhat disagree with your critique of the use of hashtags, though. I find them useful for flagging and characterizing a given posting. I use them to tell my network why they might wish to read my post.

    Tim Krupa

    1. James Potter

      Dear Tim,

      Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, LinkedIn is a professional business platform and as such you should use the same language you would use in a networking session or mixer.

      The challenge with hastags inside of LinkedIn is that they have no value or purpose, so it looks like you are not addressing the channel that is LinkedIn specifically.

      You connections and you can always pick up on interesting themes by using LinkedIn Signal.

      Best wishes,


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