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86% leave this critical part of their LinkedIn profile out – have you?

You know the scene – you’re at an event and someone you know says “I’ve seen your LinkedIn profile” do you think ‘oh great’ or ‘oh dear’?

Many of us struggle to write about ourselves as this is something we don’t often do, we mostly write about other people.

In our everyday life we don’t think about ourselves much or reflect on why people like working with us –  we are just getting on with the daily grind and concentrating on the next opportunity and those around us.

Rather than guess we are always researching the behaviours of users on LinkedIn and one of the key aspects of research was profiles and it highlighted a huge omission on most peoples LinkedIn profile, easily summarised with a question – Why do people like working with you?

Think about it, when you are interviewing suppliers quite often the skills are the same so we decide on other factors such as the peoples personality, style, outlook etcetera. Could we work with them? Will they fit within our culture?

Sadly most people leave this key differentiator off of their profiles. In fact 86% of the 14,000+ respondents in our research sample didn’t include their own personality, values, style of commutation and more about them.

It amazes us how many people are completely blind to this at all levels of the business and experience.It isn’t surprising that we come across a lot of people who struggle to write a profile that is a good reflection of them on LinkedIn and yet for so many people their profile is a first meeting with a potential client, supplier or future opportunity.

We don’t just guess at what works on LinkedIn, we check. We have researched over 14,000 profiles to see what makes a good profile, one that reflects a person’s true personality and their value, and we share this with people in our blogs, courses and profile writing service so that you create a powerful personal high-impact profile that enhances your presence, value, results and brand on LinkedIn.

Check out your own profile now and see if you have it covered, if not perhaps it’s time to amend it now? You can always try our free profile test.

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