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LinkedIn Events is here (again)

Events had been a function on LinkedIn until late 2012 when they removed it due to a lack of use, but back at the end of 2018 LinkedIn quietly started to release events as a function again to enable you to promote, highlight and get people to come along to events. We wrote this blog about it back in February 2019 and finally it has arrived in the UK!

It has been made both a company page (via admin console) and personal page (as a post option) feature, which feels right to us.

We wanted to start by focusing on how organisations can promote events to their followers as we can see that being the more popular option as it is quite simple to deploy.

You need to be a business page admin to create an event using these simple steps:

  • On your Company Page select admin tools and then select create an event:
  • Fill in all the relevant information on the form that appears highlighted below. Do consider that the description section has a limit of 5000 characters and when someone views the event it presents as a small strip down the side of your event within LinkedIn so think about capitalisation and spacing to make it easy to read.

You can choose to add a broadcast link such as YouTube, LinkedIn Live, Zoom or your live platform of choice. If you want to complete this whilst filling in the form you can, or you can come back and add this at a later stage.

  • Once you have completed the form and clicked create you get a pop up that gives you the chance to personalise the update post and we’d suggest changing it to reflect your style (as we have done in the image below), and a choice of who you would like to share the event with before you post it:
  • Once you have created your event and posted it within your business page you can then comment or post on it further to raise the awareness of its content, value or even its current status including the normal text, picture, video or documents.

It has been interesting to watch how events is unfolding globally and it hasn’t taken off as well as we would imagine LinkedIn might have hoped, but it is early days and perhaps time to try it and see how you get along.

We’ve definitely spotted a trend that the free to attend events are often the most popular, no surprises, but you do have to consider how theses translate to a bottom line impact given the time to produce and deliver them too.

We’ve been trialling it for a few weeks and it hasn’t made a material difference yet, but we’re keeping an open mind and monitoring results carefully – as these are the things that matter.

23 September 2020