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7 things you need to do now that drive career success on LinkedIn

We are often asked (by those executives and sales leaders we have worked with previously) how to find their next career step or new role on LinkedIn.

Rather than keep this information quiet we wanted to share it with everyone to give them some focus to their efforts, demystify some of the “best practices” that aren’t, and look at the tips and free advice which are often contrary to what actually works.

To give you a rounded view we have shared not just our experience but have also gotten the perspectives from a number of great recruiters we know about what they look for and how they see your efforts, and the combined list is fascinating!

Here we go!

1. Never change your headline to currently available or seeking new opportunity – comes across as desperate. Erodes the value perception of you right now as opposed to your expertise and insights having great value.

2. Do make sure that somewhere (anywhere!) in your profile you have all the job seeking type words such as: opportunity, seeking, open to, vacancy, career, job, role, opening, contract if applicable etcetera, but not all together! They can be almost anywhere in your profile (apart from the advice for contacting me section of your profile!) as the less efficient recruiters will look for these key flag words in a search on LinkedIn.

3. Status messages are now even more critical. Think of status messages in terms of real human interaction. If you bumped into someone you knew and they said “How’s life?” what would you say? Put that response in your update box, but perhaps set it as ‘connections only’ to keep the conversation within your own network not wider.

4. Make sure you are doing status updates regularly, but no more than once or twice per day. Sharing what you’re up to, researching … , meeting up with a …, exploring how I could add value to a … etcetera always positive but always honest too. All work related not holidays, family or kitten (!) related. You get the picture I’m sure.

5. Start interacting in groups where you potential employers are; interact on others conversations first before starting your own. Think of a group like a conference or convention and act the same way. Professional, respectful to others, not desperate and progressive in how you engage in conversations.

6. Do not spend too much time on LinkedIn! This might sound wrong but imagine I see you interacting on LinkedIn every ten minutes in your public activity then you are shouting you have no work or if you do you certainly aren’t focused on it enough!

7. Search through your network for introduction opportunities to potential employers in your networks second level and “pull” on your relationship/ connections to get an exploratory chat about what is going on in their world, if your skill sets add value, who in their market is on the up or down? But notice not asking for a role or job as that shuts down conversation, smart people will recognise you’re looking and offer if there is a role you’re a good fit for but if not you just learn and get more prepared for next time or who next 🙂

An encapsulation of this is just to treat LinkedIn like business life; engage a little more and talk to people not just now but always.

This is the first of a couple of blogs on how to find your next role on LinkedIn so if you enjoyed this one watch out for the next or sign up below.

What tips would you suggest?