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7 more things you need to do now that drive career success on LinkedIn

Our first blog post on how to find a role was so popular we’ve created another!

Here are seven more tips on how to maximise your chances of finding the next career step or job role on LinkedIn.

1. Take the opportunity of some quiet time to weed through your network, reach out to those you know but haven’t spoken with recently to catch up. You never know what might come of this, but equally if they don’t respond it tells you volumes and perhaps you should delete them.

2. Be careful what you say on a status message and what you interact with. Imagine all of your interactions are public knowledge as they often can be. You don’t want a potential employer seeing you commenting on pictures of kittens, maths problems, religious or political debates. it might put potential employers off contacting you.

3. Search through your network for introduction opportunities to potential specialist recruiters in your networks second level and “pull” on your relationship/ connections to get an exploratory chat about if they operate in your market / skills. What is going on in their world, who in their market is on the up or down? Explore if they have any roles or jobs currently where you might be a good fit.

4. Look at the jobs tab inside LinkedIn. Often these roles are filled from what I am told, but there are still over 300,000 opportunities in there most days to search through!

5. Research companies that you might find interesting using companies search as they often show job vacancies or exhibit behaviours and drivers through their updates that might highlight a potential role or gap for you to fill.

6. Make sure your profile is up to date, that it reflects your current skill sets, expertise, and has social proof of recommendations. This shouldn’t be something you do when you job hunt but something you do constantly.

7. Engage in the activities that drive LinkedIn like status messages. Engage with others messages through comments (not just like!) and get “out there”. This is a good thing to do going forwards as well, not just at job hunting time, but all the time.

This is the second of a couple of blogs on how to find your next role on LinkedIn so if you enjoyed this one you can find the previous one here.

The most important thing on LinkedIn is to treat it like you would a room full of business professionals just like you. So don’t appear too desperate, don’t say or do things you wouldn’t do in a professional setting like a conference or convention and you will be in a much better place

Hope that helps? But do let us know your ideas in comments below.