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Around the world again with LinkedIn

Last July we had a look at “How to get around the world with LinkedIn” and at that time there were over 500 millions users on LinkedIn globally.

Looking at the figures today the overall number of users on LinkedIn has increased to over 546 million globally, so it’s good to see that LinkedIn continues to grow at a steady rate, indicating that it is still the go to professional networking platform.

Some of the interesting changes we noted when looking at the location of users was that in the last 6 months:

  • Asia, Africa and the Middle East have seen the most significant increase in the number of users, with China rising from over 33 million to over 39 million and India rising from over 43 million to over 48 million – really interesting when you consider they are two of the most potential high growth markets in the world as well!
  • The China figure is particularly noteworthy as LinkedIn is officially permitted in China, unlike the other western media channels as it is seen as a way to drive commerce.
  • The number of users in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have seen a general steady increase
  • The number of users in the USA have stayed around the 100 million mark as it appears the US led approach of hyper connection and low relationship levels is starting to bite.

We expect to continue to see the number of users on LinkedIn increase in 2018 as more and more people understand the value they can get out of using LinkedIn, but more interestingly, the increase in people using it properly to increase their real network and hence the tangible sales and turnover available to all within LinkedIn.

28 February 2018

Source LinkedIn Advertising targeting 22/2/18