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Are 500+ connections really important?

On October 15, 2011 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

In a word – no. Blog done! Why do so many people get hung up about getting 500 connections? It simply doesn’t matter! It is not a status badge, it doesn’t get you a LinkedIn© star, it doesn’t make you any better or worse than anyone else. It simply says you say you know more […]

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Social Media Experts

On October 10, 2011 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

I must confess I get really frustrated when someone calls me a social media expert, I am not. I don’t think you can be! The platforms all change so fast, evolving as our needs evolve and that is not just the big ones – it’s all of them – all 206 right now (according to […]

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Meeting for an impersonal and depreciating coffee.

On October 3, 2011 By James Potter - The Linked In Man

I am prone to drinking the odd coffee, but a recent meeting made me reflect on this a little. Someone (nameless) asked for a catch up over a coffee, duly arranged by my office we met and shared 30 minutes over a coffee, before I made my excuses, unusually – let me explain … “What […]

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