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Periodically we offer webinars on specific aspects of LinkedIn or networking to give you additional learning, explain how new functionality works or to remind you of core activities.

These are offered online using a webinar format that is accessible on most computer and mobile platforms, but if you have any queries please do ask in advance of booking. If you have any queries please do contact us to discuss your needs or in advance of booking

LinkedIn Essentials Reminder Webinar

This high impact 60 minute webinar is aimed at previous attendees of our LinkedIn Essentials course. The aim of the webinar is to remind you about the actions that drive success on LinkedIn such as

Recap on how to keep in front of your audience and how to talk to people on LinkedIn!

Reminding you about who sees what.

When and how to congratulate people on new roles.

Why and how to manage skills and endorsements.

Profile viewers and reaching out to them.

How to find the right contacts and connections.

What you should be doing every week.

Q & A session.

This session will really help to make you think, refresh the learning from the course you attended and drive winning behaviours!

We run these remotely for just £49 plus VAT for up to 10 previous course attendees at a time.

If you want to drive up your LinkedIn performance then click a date below to book now.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Currently Available:

LinkedIn Essentials Reminder


James’ coaching on how to use Linkedin was extremely helpful. He clearly understands his subject and brings a creative flair to the way in which he gives advice. I will continue to use James and will recommend him to others.

This was excellent, would recommend to anybody and frequently do.

I have known James now for about a year now. In that timeframe I have come to know he is an expert at using LinkedIn, and helping individuals and companies use it to achieve the maximum value. One of his strengths is assisting people to achieve their goals using this dynamic tool. James had a direct impact with assist me with my profile last year. Since then I have received several inquiries for major full time and consulting roles in large Fortune 500 companies. With that said, I would strongly recommend James to any individual or business looking to utilize LinkedIn for tangible results.

I’ve just finished a 1to1 training with James and it indeed gave me a whole new perspective on how to use LinkedIn for generating new business opportunities for our clients as well as how to use my connections wisely.

I learnt more about Linkedin in a 30 minute phone call with James than I had in the previous three years. He is very knowledgeable, and also able to communicate this wisdom effectively. If you need help implementing Linkedin to your personal or business plan then James could be of great assistance.

I was on LinkedIn and had many connections but I never got a client out of that tool at that point.
James being an incredible business man gave me a few ‘basic’ tips and very shortly after I stared getting approaches from potential clients who in turn turned into clients.
I was amazed by the ability to do business without having to leave the office and I must admit, this is not down to linked in but it is down to James’s interpretation and outstanding business mind that has thought me how to use this simple tool effectively.
Since then I have been introducing James to a few privileged contacts of mine who have also been delighted with his incredible out view on business and once again, not just the introduction to linked in but also the incredible and effective methods of turning that tool into cash and success.

Feedback from these sessions have been fantastic. Individuals have gained so much more understanding of what LinkedIn can do for them and their business. James runs a very slick session, it is very interractive, really good fun but he certainly has a very animated and excellent way of getting his point across. A reliable, and knowledgable individual. James and Alison flex their approach to their customers needs, highly recommend this company.