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Face to Face Networking

The ability to create new relationships and maintain existing business relationships is critical to your success. Networking is a must have skill, yet 99% of people dread it and will find any excuse to avoid it.

This course is ideal for fearful and existing networkers, equipping you with tips and tricks to make your networking less onerous, more fun and profitable

Learn how to use powerful psychological approaches to develop your networking, to work a room, to create new partnerships, to invest in relationships and receive introductions professionally and hence sell more.

You will learn how to select the right events to attend, how to approach them professionally, make your networking work for you and get the results you desire without embarrassment, rejection or fear.

The course includes:

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  • Why and what sort of people network?
  • Mind sets that work and relax you.
  • The traits of a good networker.
  • It’s all your mothers fault …
  • Invest in your business ”relationship bank”.
  • Develop an outwards networking style.
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  • Find the right events for you to attend so you get the right results.
  • Invitations – what to seek, expect and accept.
  • How to prepare before you attend.
  • How to join people in the room, how to move on and “dump” people professionally.
  • Discover what people in the room to approach and how.
  • How and what you can sell whilst you’re there.
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  • Selling by not selling.
  • Outwards networking – interested verses interesting.
  • How to use a business card, it’s not a bus ticket …
  • How to spot “vampires”, and how to not become one.
  • Taking people with you and how to deal with the ones you don’t want to talk to.
  • Unlocking the relationships of people


  • What do I say about me? Introductions not apologies – how to say what you do.
  • How to start conversations with people you don’t know by using small talk.
  • Identifying the currency of the conversation.
  • Focus on understanding others and customer centric conversations.

Follow up

  • Form business connections not business collections – make the most of business cards.
  • How, when and what to do on follow up calls, voicemails and more.



James is not only knowledgable but his engaging delivery meant the whole room was networking the minute we all walked in the room. High productive and entertaining day.


This met and surpassed expectations – good points, well delivered, great practical points and lots of encouragement.


A very enjoyable and informative day which both introduced new ideas and reinforced existing approaches. James made the whole event entertaining and the time flew by.

The course empowers you with a broad awareness and understanding of the key skills, techniques and tricks in networking that positively affect you and your bottom line.



De Vere Venues West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PR

View venue information £250.00



De Vere Venues West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PR

View venue information £250.00
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