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LinkedIn Company Profiles

So you’re pretty familiar with LinkedIn, and have a personal profile that seems to work well and reflect your value. But what about your company profile? Do you know how to make the most of the many advanced functions LinkedIn offers for those profiles that can help you conduct market research and target content to specific audiences?

If not, you need our Company Profiles workshop.

This workshop will show you how to build and optimise your company’s online LinkedIn presence. It will show you how to configure certain elements according to who is viewing your company profile, and how to segment and personalise updates to best match the needs of individual viewers. You’ll also learn how to research and find useful data about both competitors and companies you’d like to work with.

This course is delivered in an informal workshop style. Just remember to bring along your laptop, and we’ll show you first-hand how to apply the techniques discussed in the programme. Expect a “talk a bit, do a bit” course that will have you creating and completing a compelling company page by the end of the day.

The workshop covers:



  • An introduction to the elements of LinkedIn.
  • An exploration of the company profile functionality.
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Using LinkedIn as a Research Tool

  • How to automatically keep track of a business and receive regular updates.
  • How to use the company search feature.
  • How to locate valuable information that can help you write better business proposals.

Creating Your Company Profile

  • How to build a compelling profile the covers all the key themes.
  • How to integrate YouTube content for greater audience engagement.
  • How to select banner images for your profile page that engage your audience.
  • How to personalise your profile according to viewer needs.
  • How to protect your profile from being hacked.

Reinforcing Your Value

  • How to track viewer statistics by followers and demographics.
  • How to use targeted advertising and sponsored updates.
  • How to engage your audience and attract more followers.


I am so excited to have learnt how to create company profiles properly! LinkedIn is an endless resource for anyone looking for new clients and James delivered a fantastic workshop explaining how to use company profiles as part of your own marketing and also your new business strategy. Thoroughly enjoyed the morning workshop – full of content, really hands-on so you leave with your profile actually working and James is just funny!! This is a must do course for sure.

This is an excellent course, very manageable, in a hands-on workshop format; so much better than being talked at like a lot of courses. You are actually updating your profile as you go, with James excellent suggestions, back-up and knowledge to guide you. Learning curve climbed and conquered!

This is a very practical and informative workshop. You work on your own business profile which is really rewarding and meaningful. Highly recommended. Thank you.

LinkedIn company profiles is a very useful tool and I am looking forward to using the functionality. After this excellent course, I feel confident to do so. Much of the groundwork was done at the course, so now I just need to refine the content. I can recommend the course as a great investment of time and money.

A brilliant course. James has the secret keys to unlocking the most important functionality on LinkedIn.

James company course is enlightening. You can think you know LinkedIn and how to work it, after this course you will. Fast, from the hip, illuminating and constructive. Brilliant set of tools to move forward with. Thanks James for another incredible day.

Really enjoyed the Company Profile Course today and I feel totally inspired to work on our axon profile now I understand what it can do. James Potter has the most amazing understanding of LinkedIn but also he is particularly talented at understanding people and making his subject matter relevant to all levels. I’ve now seen him operate at senior and junior levels and managed to react well to both. Inspirational!

It’s so true – you don’t know what you don’t know! James’s course brought enlightenment about the power of company profiles on LinkedIn and provided me with the opportunity to get our profile started too: learning through doing – the perfect workshop for any business of any size!

Managed properly, your LinkedIn company profile can be a high-value tool that helps build future success.

To create a LinkedIn company profile during the workshop, you’ll need to have a company email address and list your role with the company on your personal LinkedIn profile. If you need help with these beforehand, please contact us.

Workshops start at 10am and finish at 4pm. The next course dates are:



De Vere Venues West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PR

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De Vere New Place, Shirrell Heath, SO32 2JH

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De Vere Venues West One, 9-10 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PR

View venue information £275.00