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Do you use your social network like a social media? Want to know the difference?

I love asking people what they think LinkedIn is when I talk at events and conferences.  So come on tell me what do you think it is?

Is it:-

a)      Social media

b)      A job site

c)       Other?



The truth is, it is …. Drum roll …. None of them. It is a social network! So what’s the difference (for all you puzzled looking people)? OK it’s really quite simple.

Think of it this way, if you were to imagine going to a physical networking event would you:-

a)      Walk in the door say hi, I’m here, I’m fabulous, see my blog, read my website and buy my stuff? If so that is social media, more broadcast than engage, more shout than listen and more noise than chat.

b)      Walk in thank the organiser, go chat to one of your friendly connections and ask who you ought to talk to. “Bob over there” or similar is the response. Could you introduce me to him, “sure come on, he’s a great guy” and then you’d be introduced by your friend to his friend. That’s a social network at work.

Now before I get flack by someone saying I tried that but they didn’t know them etcetera I didn’t say connect to thousands of people you don’t know did I? Or that it was the only way to make it work did I? Nope, but it is the way to make it work if you take the right strategy (process, approach or just do the right “stuff”), make your identity presentable (with a decent profile and if you’re not sure take this test and do the right “stuff” to keep your friendly connections friendly, engaged and aware of the great value you deliver to your connections and clients.

Simple when you think about it isn’t it?


  • LinkedBusiness

    Great example to highlight the difference between social media and social networking!

    • Thanks, you are most kind.
      Best wishes,
      The Linked In Man

  • Paul Bartlett Jr

    I am just starting out with an eCommerce site. My target audience is traveling salesmen. I know kinkedin would be a great place to generate leads. I am just not sure on how to do it… Thanks man

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