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The Linked In Man, James Potter, is a former UK Sales Director who became expert in LinkedIn Strategies via direct corporate experience. Not by reading any book, but by trying specific LinkedIn networking strategies and seeing what translated into business development, sales and results.

LinkedIn enabled James to develop powerful new relationships, remind key clients of breadth of value, and win new business worth over £10 million in a short space of time.

James won the pseudonym of “The Linked In Man” as he shared his LinkedIn strategies, passion, success stories and knowledge of how LinkedIn can deliver corporate sales.

He has worked in over 50 countries in the last year alone to help a range of global, national and individual executives with LinkedIn Strategies across IT, management consultancy, sales, software development, accountancy, law and more.

In 2012, to complement his LinkedIn training courses, The Linked In Man launched a complete eProduct platform to deliver LinkedIn Strategies and Training to large global teams.